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Our Retail Clients

Testament to our levels of reliability, scalability and support, P2D is used by some of the largest and best-known retailers in the UK.

Some of largest high street retailers in the UK have entrusted us with their daily global processing for over 15 years and counting, connecting them seamlessly with their suppliers across the world.

Ian Butterworth, New Look’s Transaction Processing Manager, explains,

“Handling huge volumes of invoices and processing them efficiently on-time and with the minimum of resources is the Holy Grail for retailers of our size. The P2D solution gives us the ability to manage this workload very easily and our suppliers will benefit from it as well, without having to put in place an expensive EDI system. Critical resources will be freed up and working with New Look made far easier than ever before. What has impressed us more than anything is the solution’s flexibility and inherent scalable qualities. It can be expanded to cope with many more suppliers in any country with relative ease which is ideal for our growth plans given we are opening stores in Belgium, France and Middle East.”