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Purchase Order Systems

Quick to implement and easy to use, our elegant cloud-based purchase order system can be dovetailed with P2D's invoice processing and matching modules for a complete Purchase-to-Pay deployment.

Gone are the days where companies need to buy ERP-based procurement modules that cost tens of thousands of pounds and take years to implement, and then only ever use a fraction of the functionality. P2D’s solutions are developed outside client’s firewalls, sending data securely and directly into their systems.

P2D’s Purchase Ordering system is an elegant, intuitive, user-friendly cloud module that is fully integrated in the P2D suite. It encompasses a requisition and approval process with visibility of spend against budget, and automated submission of approved orders to suppliers electronically via P2D’s Supplier Portal and/or as emailed PDF. Typically with P2D things are fully flexible: clients can select from a range of additional Purchase-to-Pay options such as receipting, supplier PO flips, e-invoicing, supplier portal and auto-match of invoice to PO/GRN at line and/or header level. Unlimited user licensing is supplied as standard without additional charge.