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Purchase Order Flips

Orders can be distributed to vendors with the additional option of a PO flip service, thereby mandating a 100% match rate, pushing back compliance to the supply chain, and freeing up your AP team.

PO flips have always been the utopia for large buying organisations. P2D’s Supplier Portal has offered this functionality for many years (suppliers flip the PO online into an invoice to giving the client a 100% match rate and remove their cost of handling mismatches). In recent years though, P2D has added a rather special thing into its toolkit to supplement this.

By their nature traditional PO flips require an e-invoicing relationship with the supplier which is not always practical. Leveraging years of continued investment in Artificial Intelligence, P2D also now has the ability to perform automated PO flips on paper and emailed invoices, something that is a truly unique offering in the market.

Our AI platform is capable of performing a human-like line-level comparison and match of invoice to order / GRN by analysing the content and making complex decisions based on combinations of parameters such as line price / quantity / description / SKU / PO Line No. Clearly, the solution creates a massive cost-saving for clients who would hitherto perform this detailed matching manually. It is fast becoming an essential module for many of our clients.


George Devine, Finance Manager, Mitie Group PLC.

“I have now been working with P2D for well over a year and I am delighted with both the service and the commitment given to myself and Mitie.”