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Automated PO and GR Matching

Automated line-level matching of invoice to PO/GRN with P2D's cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence.

One of the most important factors behind the flexibility of the P2D solution is its modular format and ability to integrate with any finance or ERP system. P2D are frequently chosen to supply their invoice processing and Purchase-to-Pay solutions where clients already have access to similar technologies within their big-ticket ERP systems, but prefer the advanced capabilities, flexibility and cost model that P2D can deliver.

One of P2D’s large SAP clients was confronting problems in analyzing and matching complex invoices against purchase orders. P2D was brought in to effectively process those invoices with the aid of its AI-powered line item extraction, whilst performing an automated line and header level match to the GRN data, and remedial exception/approval workflows. To deliver its unparalleled 100% accuracy level the system’s AI platform also analyzes invoice trends from the suppliers, to identify anomalies in invoice number formats, dates, currencies, and other general patterns. Furthermore, that client is now undertaking its second phase of automation by deploying P2D’s e-invoicing, supplier portal, and PO flip modules across its supplier base.