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Document Management

Real-time search and retrieval of all your historic documents, with unlimited storage and unlimited users as standard.

P2D provides secure online e-invoice and image retrieval, configured access rights, and the ability to attach supporting documents to invoices, which removes the need to invest in a separate document management system for the Finance Department and even the wider organization itself. Images can also be retrieved from within the ERP or accounts system.

P2D’s inbuilt document management system, of course provides governance, compliance and audit benefits. The system is approved by HMRC, and naturally satisfies the requirements of, for example, Sarbanes Oxley. This is further reinforced if workflow is also adopted, providing a consolidated view of the approval/process status of every invoice.

Furthermore a separate module is also available within the P2D system dedicated to the management of other document types (i.e. outside of invoices, credit notes and purchase orders) and associated tasks.