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It is estimated that billions of pounds are spent each year on business travel worldwide and entertainment (T&E) by employees whilst representing their companies, but many organisations fail to manage this spend efficiently, relying on multiple processes and solutions. This, together with the process of tracking and reporting expenses costs more than 15% of the total spent. It is imperative that companies find an efficient, cost effective solution as T&E can account for up to 10% of operating expenses, an area that for many is the second largest controllable cost after payroll.

Research found that 11% of all approved expense claims do not comply with company policy. This figure rises to approximately 20% of all hotel claims and 29% of entertainment claims.

Further research found that 15 percent of expense-claiming employees bump up their expenses. Of these, 13 percent increase their claims by up to 25 Percent whilst the remaining 2 percent add on even more.

In 2009 over £8.8 billion was paid out by UK organisations to reimburse their employees for expenses incurred – but around £2.1 billion of this should not have been paid as it was for fraudulent and "out-of-policy" claims.


The introduction of an automated solution will produce positive results for most companies who recognise the need to streamline business processes and increase control which in turn will provide reduced T&E spend through improved efficiency.

What if this was augmented by the following?

  • Increased control of spending through policy compliance
  • Measure policy compliance using valuable expense data to drive efficient spending
  • Dramatically reduce mistakes and fraud
  • Flexible Audit Tools
  • Advanced reporting and expense trend analysis
  • Immediate cash savings on processing costs of up to 80%
  • Pay for usage pricing plan
  • Negligible impact on internal IT resource
  • Rapid deployment
  • Online claim creation, approval workflow, archival and retrieval


Introducing eExpenses, the intuitive and easy-to-use Web based interface that streamlines and automates the entire expense management process with no hardware or software investment or lengthy implementation required. Delivered over the Web – and with nearly 10,000 users around the world – P2D's on-demand solution enables employees to quickly create the expense reports that supervisors, A/P managers, auditors and senior management can easily review, approve, process and audit online at anytime and from anywhere, hassle-free.

The system is fully tailored to your exact requirements, including validation against all required company policy and rules.

Company credit card, mobile phone and travel broker items can be pre-populated for formal approval by the approving manager within the expense claim, including the ability to credit out-of-policy expenditure.

The system handles both multi-currency claims, and different base currencies of users (for example, all figures are converted to a base currency of EUR for claimants domiciled in EUR denominated countries).

Expenses provides a comprehensive analysis of spend data for management review, complying with corporate governance and government requirements including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act – the standard by which financial controls for publicly held US companies are measured.

The solution is charged for via P2D's normal policy of 'Pay for Usage', rather than a monthly fee per person, so you are not tied into paying disproportionate amounts for infrequent users; or indeed forced to ring-fence such employees due to cost.


The system is simple and easy to use saving the employee valuable time, and making training and roll-out pain free.
Expenses operates on the basis of an 'in-tray' rather than traditional claim 'form' thereby allowing users to both enter items as and when they are incurred for submission at a later date, as well as submitting multiple interim claims to expedite approval and payment of urgent items.

Previous claim items can be selected for pre-population in the current claim to prevent continual re-keying of the same data.

Receipts can either be attached online by the claimant or posted to our scanning bureau where they will be scanned and automatically attached to the claim.

Email notifications are issued to the claimant if items have been rejected, or approved for payment.

Mileage can be automatically populated if postcodes are mandated to be entered; or mileage can be validated after being entered by the user. Mileage Rates are automatically populated by the system based on defined rules. Users can be blocked from claiming mileage to comply with Corporate Manslaughter Law.


Email notifications are issued to the approving manager when there are items to approve.

Similar to the principle applied to creating claims in eExpenses, the approval of claims also operates as an in-tray. All claim lines from all sub-ordinates are visible on the screen, thereby allowing the manager to approve all claims via a single click, rather than dipping in and out of multiple claim forms. If items are rejected by the approving manager, they are removed from the claim and posted back to the claimant's in-tray (allowing them to amend and re-submit, or delete), whilst the other acceptable lines are approved for payment.

Multiple levels of approval can be accommodated, based on value or any other defined rules.

The system automatically redirects claims to cope with absenteeism of approving managers.


Full audit trail and reporting capabilities are provided.

All current and historic claims can be retrieved at any time, subject to user access rights. The system lists all claims made by the user and, if that user is also a line manager, all claims made by sub-ordinates.

Modules for final checking and approval by Finance are available, including the automatic flagging of out-of-policy items.

eExpenses will assist organisations to measure, manage and reduce their carbon emissions by monitoring and reporting on the emissions of all major travel methods by employee.