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Why would any company want to build its own telephone or postal network just to communicate with its customers and suppliers? Why should the principle be any different for sending and receiving documents, such as invoices, electronically?

It therefore makes little sense for any company, either large, small, public or private to invest heavily in an internal invoice processing system. The P2D Document Network is a fully-managed service which through economies of scale delivers a suite of highly sophisticated invoice processing solutions at an incredibly low transactional cost, just like paying for a telephone call or postage stamp. Crucially, P2D offers e-invoicing and scanning/OCR as an integrated solution, providing 100% automation of invoice processing. Buyers can select from a range of ancilliary services such as bespoke approvals workflows and purchase order matching, and suppliers are offered a variety of ways to send invoices electronically to suit their organisational size and capabilities.

P2D is a unique business services company specializing in document solutions that turn 'paper to data'.

It was established as a direct consequence of the fast-changing regulations and corporate attitudes towards electronic document management and electronic trading that have taken place with the advent of the 21st century.

The European Union, for example, estimates that every invoice received costs nearly £1 in data entry costs alone, with a total processing cost typically of £2 to £6, and in some cases considerably more. A recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers stated that companies could increase their net profit by up to 4% by adopting electronic invoicing. Indeed, the EU has now passed legislation that is set to have a dramatic effect on the use of e-invoicing. From 2004, it was no longer be necessary to store a paper invoice in the country where the transaction took place. This legislation was passed with the deliberate intention of persuading companies to invoice electronically.

P2D outperforms the market on both price and performance. Its solutions are flexible and configurable – we provide not only the sending and receiving of documents but automation of any associated process that the client may require, from document imaging, approvals workflows and matching, through to full e-procurement. Indeed, for most companies, such change needs to be managed in controlled increments. P2D acknowledges this, and provides solutions that scale according to its clients' timescales and budgets. Gone are the days where companies need to buy ERP-based procurement modules that cost millions and take years to implement, and then only ever use a fraction of the functionality. P2D's solutions are developed outside client's firewalls, sending data securely and directly into their systems – it is outsourced data capture at its most sophisticated.